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New York (February 10, 2015) Kaye Scholer LLP, in partnership with Debtwire, has produced the tenth annual 2015 North American Distressed Debt Market Outlook, a survey of 100 US-based hedge fund managers, distressed debt investors and private equity professionals on their expectations for the North American distressed debt market in 2015 and beyond. These professionals predict that a number of complex factors – such as the future of the oil and gas industry, decisions in cases like Caesars, and potential changes in the Bankruptcy Code following reform recommendations by the ABI Commission – will have a significant impact on the distressed debt market.

“This is an exciting time for the distressed debt market, and the only thing that’s truly certain is that our business is becoming more complex,” said Michael Solow, Managing Partner of Kaye Scholer and Co-Chair of the Bankruptcy & Restructuring Department. “However, many attractive investment opportunities exist in the months ahead, and we look forward to helping investors find and take advantage of them.”

Primary issuance volume is predicted to increase in 2015, reflecting what many respondents describe as a need for North American business to improve their public image and build a broad, reliable investor base. Respondents are divided on the issue of 2015 fundraising conditions, with about half expecting an improvement and the other half expecting deterioration. Those who remain optimistic cite government efforts to fuel economic growth via distressed investors as a major reason for optimism in the near-term.

As for anticipated activity for distressed professionals and investors, all eyes are on oil, with Caesars and Energy Future Holdings providing complexity and uncertainty around large, multi-subsidiary capital structures. Closer scrutiny of indenture provisions in new issuances going forward is assured.

“Looking forward, we may see an increase in asset dispositions, distressed exchanges and priority facilities in the oil sector, all of which will be made more complex by virtue of the embedded MLP structures,” said Mark Liscio, Co-Chair of the Bankruptcy & Restructuring Group.

Respondents to this year’s survey also share their predictions for specific US-based companies headed for distress. Topping the list of soon-to-be-distressed retail businesses are Office Max, PetCo, Best Buy and Claire’s stores, followed by Party City and Staples.

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