Publications and Presentations

In This Issue:

  • Zillow and Trulia Juggle Antitrust Risks Raised by Proposed Acquisition
  • Seal No Longer Required in Delaware for Contract Survival Periods of More Than Three Years—Avoids Trap for the Unwary in M&A Deals
  • MOFCOM’s Decision to Block P3 Highlights China’s Importance for Global Transactions
  • Executive Compensation Landscape Continues to Change: “Say on Pay” Effect on Golden Parachutes and Equity Vesting
  • Motive Matters: Good Process in Merger Transactions and Contemporaneous Minutes Reflecting Reasons for Process Decisions May Protect Directors and Officers From Breach of the Duty of Loyalty and Self-Dealing Claims 
  • Conflict Minerals Disclosures—Round 1: Some Initial Observations 

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