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Summer 2013

M&A and Corporate Governance Newsletter

In This Issue

  • Delaware Chancery Court Clarifies Standard of Review Applicable to Mergers Involving Controlling Stockholders – Diane Holt Frankle, Paul Gibson
  • US Airways and American Airlines: What Does the Antitrust Challenge Mean? – Claudia Higgins
  • In Re Trados Incorporated – Delaware Court of Chancery Finds Sale of Venture-Backed Company Meets Entire Fairness Standard Even in the Absence of Fair Process – Diane Holt Frankle, Charles Kao
  • Delaware Supreme Court Allows Expectation or Benefit-of-the-Bargain Damages for Breach of an Obligation to Bargain in Good Faith SIGA Technologies, Inc. v. PharmAthene, Inc. – Joel I. Greenberg, Megan B. Burke
  • Ten Steps to Limit Corruption Allegations in China – Z Scott
  • First Circuit Holds Private Equity Fund Potentially Liable for Portfolio Company’s Pension Plan Withdrawal Liabilities – Jeffrey L. London, Kathleen Wechter

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