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Asghar Quoted in Airfinance Journal on Iran Aseman Airlines

October 10, 2016

In “Iran Aseman Airlines Seeks Aircraft,” Airfinance Journal interviewed Finance associate Zafar Asghar, who focuses his practice on aviation finance and leasing, on the leasing options available to Iran Aseman Airlines.

The airline, which is looking to lease narrowbody and regional aircraft following the lifting of sanctions in early 2016, currently flies to 36 airports in Iran and considers domestic routes the backbone of its business. Mohammed Gorji, head of Iran Aseman Airlines’ Purchasing Committee, stated that the airline would prefer to wet lease before dry leasing, eventually moving to fully purchase the aircrafts.

Asghar commented: “They certainly have the option of wet leasing aircraft. Arguably, that’s not subject to OFAC considering they’re not transferring technology overseas, but I can’t imagine that’s the first option Iran would want.”

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