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Bloomberg Business: Moriarty Returns for “Taking Stock” ETFs & Bitcoin Podcast

September 22, 2016

Corporate partner Kathleen Moriarty spoke with Bloomberg Business during its live podcast, “Taking Stock,” at the etfXchange ’16, BNY Mellon’s ETF Symposium in Dana Point, California on September 21, 2016. The symposium brought together registered investment advisors (RIAs), institutional investors and investment professionals for a dynamic forum on exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry best practices and insights presented by a wide range of ETF industry experts.

As a pioneer in the ETF space who was also actively involved in the development of SPDRs, the first US ETF, Moriarty discussed with “Taking Stock” the proposed changes to regulation requirements that will impact portfolio management strategies, money market funds and developing ETF products. Moriarty explained that many proposed regulations are too “one-size-fits-all,” stating that the regulations seem like “using a sledgehammer to deal with a problem.” Instead, Moriarty suggested a more selective regulatory process to alleviate overregulation. She also discussed bitcoin’s use as currency and the regulation of derivatives.

In “Taking Stock,” Kathleen Hays and Pimm Fox speak with analysts, fund managers and experts on stock picks, investment strategies and market updates. Drawing upon Bloomberg news and data, timely investment strategies are analyzed and debated by the top minds on Wall Street.

The interview followed Moriarty’s participation on the panel, “Regulatory Landscape for ETFs: Turning up the Heat,” which discussed the current regulatory climate and its impending impact on advisory practices and product innovation.

» Listen to the full “Taking Stock” podcast on Bloomberg.

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