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Kathleen Moriarty Talks ETF Evolution with ETF Trends at ETF Bootcamp

October 21, 2015

Corporate partner Kathleen Moriarty spoke with Tom Lyndon, editor of ETF Trends, to discuss the growth and history of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) at the second annual ETF Bootcamp.

In the clip, Lyndon notes Moriarty’s history in the ETF business, beginning when she served as lead counsel behind the very first ETF, SPDR (pronounced “Spider”).

“We thought when we launched SPDRs that we would be lucky to hit a billion,” Moriarty said. “It succeeded anything that anybody hoped for.”

Twenty-three years later, the US ETF market is valued at more than two trillion dollars.  On the future of the space, Moriarty noted that she does not think the ETF industry is starting to slow down. Instead, she sees the introduction of new and bigger ideas, more people in the market, and the promise of very interesting products ahead.

“There will always be more excitement down the road, Moriarty said. The only question is when!”


Watch the full ETF Trends video clip here.

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