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Bitcoin Magazine Covers Part One of Kaye Scholer’s Introduction to Bitcoin Seminar

October 21, 2015

Fintech team member and corporate counsel Greg Xethalis was quoted extensively in Bitcoin Magazine’s wrap-up of the firm’s recent "Bitcoin—A Disruptive Force in the Financial Landscape" seminar. 

In addition to other notable names in the fintech world such as the co-founders of Gemini, president Cameron Winklevoss and CEO, Tyler Winklevoss. Kathleen Moriarty was noted as a moderator.

On Kaye Scholer’s decision to host the event, Xethalis stated, “Kaye Scholer is a market leader in representing companies and entrepreneurs in the fintech space. Kathleen Moriarty and I joined that fintech team in July and are bringing our own Bitcoin and blockchain expertise to bear in New York, Silicon Valley and beyond. The event was an opportunity to introduce our practice, and Bitcoin itself, to Kaye Scholer clients who are in the process of learning what Bitcoin will mean for Wall Street, both as an asset class and a technology.”

On Gemnini's participation, Xethalis added, “While trading professionals certainly would have an interest, it wasn’t a Gemini pitch so much as a Bitcoin informational session.”

He closed, “Tonight was intended to be an introduction to Bitcoin as an asset and technology. We are hosting a roundtable on November 5th that will include panelists from premier Wall Street companies that are exploring the blockchain and investors in blockchain-focused companies. That seminar will focus on the financial systems adoption of blockchain technologies for routine and complicated financial transactions.”

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