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What is the price of doing business in the US?

September 21, 2011

Joel I. Greenberg (Partner, Corporate, New York), Diane Frankle (Partner, Corporate, Palo Alto), Farhad Jalinous (Partner, National Security/CFIUS, Washington, DC) and Katherine Mulhern (Partner, Corporate, London) discussed recent changes in the US for non-US institutions acquiring businesses. The panelists provided an overview of recent changes to the legal/litigation and regulatory environment in the US (including Exon-Florio and recent legal actions such as the Air Products and Del Monte cases). Panelists also discussed changes to the business environment (such as recent increases to shareholder activism).

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
8:30 am Session
9:20 am Q&A
9:30 am Session Ends

Joel I. Greenberg, Partner, Kaye Scholer LLP
Diane Frankle, Partner, Kaye Scholer LLP
Farhad Jalinous, Partner, Kaye Scholer LLP
Katherine Mulhern, Partner, Kaye Scholer LLP

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